5 Things To Know

Do your research.

Check out the school’s website and social media thoroughly. You should get a good sense for the “feel” of the school before you even walk in the door.

Schedule a ‘shadow day.’

Having your child visit the school and his or her grade-level classroom is advantageous for everyone. Your child will get to meet his or her new peer group and begin to capture the “my new home” feeling. Teachers will get to see your child in action and will be able to communicate his or her academic readiness for a smooth transition. And you will get a sense for how the school operates and how the teachers communicate.

Be honest with your situation

This is especially true if your child has experienced difficulty or has any learning challenges. Problems don’t always disappear in a new environment, and the more proactive we are, the less reactivate we need to be, making for a smooth and positive transition for everyone.

Ask to speak with a current parent at the school.

When you make the switch easier for yourself, it becomes easier for your child. Ask the school parent about daily routines and what he or she thinks a new parent needs to know. The more information you can get, the better. You’ll start making your own network of peers as well.

Run to, not away from, a school.

As you near a decision, ask yourself, “Am I running to something or running away from something?” Successful transfers always run to something.