Finding Your School Home

Our 79 Catholic schools are part of a thriving school system. They share resources and best practices. They collaborate to provide support, unique opportunities and exceptional experiences for their students. But they all have unique features. Explore our schools to find the one that best fits your family.

Nativity of Mary in Bloomington innovates with Blended Learning

"I’m able to meet the students’ needs on a different level, and I am able to differentiate specific needs to each student, no matter their academic ability,” Thorpe said...

Holy Spirit in St. Paul radically improves reading

Over the course of one year with the program, students who originally measured “at risk” of having learning difficulties almost unanimously moved into the category of “no risk” or even “above average” readers.

Mass of the Holy Spirit unites Catholic schools

12,000 students from Catholic elementary schools celebrated Mass together at U.S. Bank Stadium on October 10, 2018. As part of the day’s theme to “put your faith in action,” the students also donated more than 9,000 winter items for children in need around Minnesota.

Tips for choosing the right school

Educational Opportunities

Our schools offer a variety of educational opportunities, such as STEM, language immersion, Blended Learning, Montessori, and unique extracurriculars.


Our schools are set in rural, urban and suburban neighborhoods. It is important to know how far you would like to drive to access a school, as that will determine the options available.

School Size

Our schools range in size, but they all have an extraordinary sense of community.

Visit a school!

The best way to know if a school fits your child and your family is to visit!

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