Parents are choosing Catholic schools because they offer more than just a superior education. They partner with families to build character, virtue and high standards of personal responsibility. Our students learn to value service to others. And they graduate prepared to be ethical leaders. Our schools are committed to collaboration with parents, and bring a community of faith that supports your entire family.

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Benefits of choosing a Catholic school

Catholic schools meet each child where he or she is at, and offer them the personalized attention, support and challenge to achieve at their peak. Our schools offer top-notch academics, specialized programming and extracurriculars that complement the classroom.

99% High School Graduation Rate

Test Scores Above Nat’l Average

Welcoming Learning Environment

Impact of a Catholic school education

Our schools graduate students with…

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Maturity and Personal Responsibility

“I learned that I should always think with an open mind and objectivity.” Catholic school student

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Value-Based Character

“Everything you do matters, even if no one knows it. Even if you’re not given recognition.” Catholic school student

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Kindness and Acceptance of All

“We help people in need.” Catholic school student

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Ethical leadership

“The school says it’s their goal to make virtuous leaders. It motivates the students to want to step up to the occasion and bring out those qualities.” Catholic school parent

“My daughter and I feel supported beyond belief, and this is because her teacher goes above and beyond for her students and families.”

Sara, parent at St. Croix Catholic School

“Our teacher keeps even the least interested student engaged and wanting to learn more. He relates to middle schoolers in such a patient and caring way. He sees the good in every child. He is selfless in offering his time and talents to our school, way above and beyond what is expected.”

Suzanne, parent at Notre Dame Academy

“No one in this world besides me has given my son the love and acceptance and understanding that his teacher does. I say all the time that she and the whole Holy Redeemer family were placed in front of us for a very specific reason.”

Rebecca, parent at Holy Redeemer Catholic School

“My daughter comes home each day wanting only to ‘play school’ more. That’s because of her teacher’s incredible talent in fostering a classroom beaming with love, creativity, learning and fun. Most importantly, she generates a classroom of kindness as I hear echoed in my daughter’s comments of ‘treating our neighbor as we want to be treated.’”

Claire, parent at Good Shepherd Catholic School

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