believe & read

Catholic Schools are on a mission to transform reading and advance student literacy. And we're already seeing success.

Reading is the foundation for educational success and life opportunities. In the early grades, students learn to read. By third grade, they read to learn. Yet, 60 percent of all American students are not reading at grade level by the third grade. In Catholic schools, the average number of young struggling readers is closer to 20 percent, but this still isn’t good enough.


The Vision

Catholic schools’ solution to this challenge is Believe and Read, a best-in-class literacy program powered by the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence in partnership with Groves Academy, a national expert in reading instruction, and Cretin-Derham Hall Catholic High School. In addition to helping students who struggle, Believe and Read helps launch ALL students to the next level. The goal is to ensure every student is at or above grade-level reading by fourth grade – because God calls every child to greatness.

In the first two years of the pilot, every student was reading at or beyond grade level by year two.

How do we create lifelong readers?

Beginning with the youngest learners, Believe and Read is designed to transform one student, one teacher and one Catholic school at a time.

Check out the incredible literacy results!

See what some Catholic school parents have to say:

"Through the initiative, my son is now a proficient reader. He even writes his own stories! To me, having a child who wants to read and write in his spare time is the best success we could have gotten.” – Meg, parent of kindergartener at Holy Spirit Catholic School in St. Paul

See what some Catholic school parents have to say:

"Our biggest 'aha' moment is when we would read stories before bed, and our daughter would stop us because she wanted to read the words she knows. It was amazing to see her progress from the beginning of the school year until now." - Missy, parent of student at St. Michael Catholic School in St. Michael