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About Us

Catholic Schools Are Known For Excellence

They combine academic rigor with high standards of personal responsibility and a commitment to service in safe, nurturing learning environments. Catholic schools provide an extraordinary experience for children: mind, heart and soul. At Catholic schools, students receive individual attention in a caring community.

Catholic schools are unique in many ways, but the extent to which we include families in the educational process cannot be rivaled. Catholic schools collaborate with parents to foster the mental, physical and spiritual development of our youngest generation. We welcome families into our school buildings and honor the wisdom, faith, energy, time and talent they share. Ask any new Catholic school parents why they chose their Catholic school. They may tell you it was the right choice for their child, but more often, they’ll explain it was the right choice for their family. “We found a supportive community,” they’ll say. “We found a new home.”

By investing in the future of our children from Catholic preschool through graduation, we invest in their futures for a lifetime. We equip them with a full and complete Catholic education, enhanced by the richness of our Catholic faith, beginning in the most formative years of their lives.