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Since 2015

The Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) was established through the vision and generosity of the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and by a group of dedicated people passionate about Catholic education.

The organization’s model is unlike any other, transforming education through innovative and entrepreneurial approaches that produce sustainable models for Catholic schools who serve preschool-8th grade students.

Priorities & Approach

At CSCOE, we:

  • Work directly with principals
  • Know the industry – inside and out
  • And partner with best-in-class vendors and experts in the field.

Our unique approach delivers promising opportunities for schools to enhance academic excellence and grow their enrollment.

As a result, the lives of thousands of Catholic school students are being transformed. Below are just a few of the CSCOE programs that are resulting in unmatched student impact and success.

Believe and Read

In partnership with Groves Academy, Believe and Read provides innovative, best-in-class literacy coaching for teachers and transformational instruction that boosts the reading achievement of every kindergarten to grade three student.

Peace of Mind

In partnership with Twin Cities-based Phoenix School Counseling, Peace of Mind provides resources and education to Catholic schools to help their preschool- eighth grade students, families, teachers and leaders address and support the social and emotional needs of all school community members through a Catholic lens.

Faithful Beginnings

Parents are choosing Faithful Beginnings because our preschools feel like a home away from home. Our teachers care for each child like their own. We welcome your whole family to our community. We are committed to excellence in a faith-based environment. Our early childhood programs are thoughtfully crafted to meet the specific needs of each child at his or her development stage. Our young scholars graduate prepared to succeed in school.

Exceptional Learners

Serving students whose learning needs fall outside the median often requires extra resources. To address this, the Exceptional Learners initiative was developed. From a group of experts who can work one-on-one with schools, to resourcing teachers with classroom tools, to teacher training and professional development – we are walking with schools in their mission to serve all children.

Middle School Network of Excellence

The needs and growth opportunities at the middle school level are being thoughtfully addressed through careful study and reinvention of existing educational models. One of the focal points of this effort is to customize learning to the specific and unique needs of each middle school student.

STEM Lending Library

In partnership with the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering, the STEM Lending Library provides access to STEM equipment, resources and instruction that is built upon the strong foundation of Catholic tradition, faith and service.
Catholic School students learning

We’re here to help

It’s our mission to assist you in discovering and pursuing exceptional preschool-8th grade Catholic education opportunities in Minnesota for your family.

Common questions

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers!

What is the average class size?

The average class size is 16 students. This allows for more one-on-one time and greater class cohesion.

How long is the school day? Do Catholic schools offer childcare outside of the school day?

The average length of the school day is seven hours, with before- and after-school care offered at most schools.

Is transportation available to Catholic schools?

Most preschool-8th grade Catholic schools coordinate with their local school district to provide busing within the district boundaries.

When is the best time to visit a Catholic school? When are tours available?

 Schools host community events throughout the year and welcome personal tours at any time upon request.

When can my student begin at a Catholic school?

While the most common time for a student to start at a Catholic school is at the beginning of the school year, schools work with families looking to transfer during the academic year.

Why should I consider transferring to a Catholic school?

Proven academic success With a 99% graduation rate, Catholic school students score significantly higher than national averages on standardized testing.

Forming the whole child Each child is provided with educational and community experiences that build character and virtues. Catholic schools partner with families to nurture ongoing moral development.

Critical thinkers and principled leaders We combine opportunities for leadership with high standards of personal responsibility and a commitment to service to prepare students to be ethical leaders.

Welcoming community Catholic schools are committed to collaboration between home and school to provide a community of faith that supports your whole family.

Are there extra-curriculars and sports?

Each Catholic school offers a unique variety of extra-curricular opportunities, including athletic and performing arts programs, service groups, clubs and camps.

Will a Catholic school provide a safe and secure environment for my children?

Each school develops safety and security plans and protocols to ensure the well-being of all students. Families are encouraged to inquire with administration about current procedures as they are routinely evaluated and updated.
Dioceses across Minnesota and throughout the United States enact policies and requirements of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People to help ensure safe environments for children and youth. All Catholic schools require background checks, safe environment training and codes of conduct for staff members and volunteers who work with minors.

What Catholic schools parents are saying

“Through the initiative, my son is now a proficient reader. He even writes his own stories! To me, having a child who wants to read and write in his spare time is the best success we could have gotten.”

Parent of kindergartener at Holy Spirit Catholic School in St. Paul

“Our biggest ‘aha’ moment is when we would read stories before bed, and our daughter would stop us because she wanted to read the words she knows. It was amazing to see her progress from the beginning of the school year until now.”

Parent of student at St. Michael Catholic School in St. Michael

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